Many people suffer daily with a ‘red face’ and some even get pimples to go with it. Flushing, blushing, sensitive skin, prominent blood vessels and pimples may all be symptoms of rosacea. Rosacea usually affects the central parts of the face (cheeks, nose, chin and central forehead) and is most common in those between 30 and 60 years of age.

Rosacea treatment involves avoidance of triggers and special gentle skin care products and may require prescribed creams, oral medications and laser surgery. Vascular laser is a safe, comfortable and very effective treatment for redness caused by rosacea and has minimal to no downtime. It is important to remember that the outcome will only be good as the operator so make sure you undertake your treatment with a dermatologist who has expertise in laser surgery.

If you don’t want to be caught red-faced, feel free to consult with Dr. Rodrigues. She sees and treats rosacea on a daily basis and has state-of-the-art vascular lasers at both of her private practice locations.

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