Dr. Rodrigues has given numerous lectures and presentations nationally and internationally to dermatologists, other medical and other allied health groups. Please note that only presentations for 2014 − 2016 have been listed for brevity.

Vitiligo Working Group Annual Meeting
Patient Advocacy in Vitiligo and launch of the global awareness campaign

74th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology
Unmasking facial pigmentation
Tranexamic acid for the treatment of melasma
Vitiligo – Advocacy, social media, and viral videos – getting the word out

PigmentaryCon2016 − 2nd biennial conference of the pigmentary disorders society
What’s new in therapeutics: Tranexamic acid for melasma

Webinar: Novel treatment for an age old problem
Discussion of laser technology to treat medication-induced pigmentation

48th Annual Scientific meeting of the Australasian College of dermatologists
Vitiligo – medical treatment and future therapies
Medication-induced pigmentation: A novel treatment for an age-old problem

Pharmacists Dermatology Education Forum
Eczema – diagnosis, differential diagnosis treatment and the skin microbiome

General Practioners Inflammatory Dermatoses Educational Workshop
Vitiligo, Alopecia Areata and other inflammatory dermatoses 2014

Australasian Society for Cosmetic Dermatology
Medical Treatment for pigmentation

7th Annual Meeting for the Asian Society for Pigment Cell Research
An approach to diagnosing facial pigmentation

47th Annual Scientific meeting of the Australasian College of dermatologists
Facial pigmentation – diagnosis and management
Diagnosis and treatment of melasma
Common conditions in skin of colour
Ethnicity and beauty

Healthcert dermatology series for Australian General Practitioners
Lecture on pigmentary disorders

Australian Dermatology Nurses Association scientific meeting
Pigmentary disorders – a focus on vitiligo and melasma

Dermatology Course for General Practitioners – Skin and Cancer Foundation, Inc.
An approach to the diagnosis and management of vitiligo

Media Campaign: Global vitiligo day – Skin and Cancer Foundation, Inc.
Vitiligo – course, treatment and new developments

Skin Cancer Awareness campaign: La Roche Posay
Skin Cancer Awareness – prevention, skin checks and warning signs

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